Welcome to Mortgage 1 Brighton, and welcome to the launch of our new blog! We all know how exciting buying a house can be. You’re finally getting out of your rental, and taking steps towards a new-found life. What’s not exciting? The stress that comes with the process. And that’s what we’re here for!

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Buying a house isn’t just a show of success, but it’s also a huge responsibility with lots of exciting, and sometimes mind-boggling twists and turns. With help from Mortgage One, you can make this time in your life a truly happy, and stress-free time.

What we’re about

Ordinarily, finding just the right help isn’t always easy. There will always be the companies that charge you as much as your house cost, just to assist you with your mortgage. And there are also the folks who don’t charge much but basically do nothing to help you. Hang on friend! We have the answer to your problem.

What we do

On our blog, we’ll be covering anything and everything mortgage-related. Basic info and local mortgage news, mortgage fraud, how-tos, and frequently asked questions are a few of the topics we’ll include.

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Whether it’s financing your cabin up north, your rental on the lake, or the place you plan to raise your family, we want you to know we’re here and are ready to lend a helping hand and our very best services.

You might be ready for a mortgage if…

  • you’re moving out of your apartment. Obviously, we’ve all heard the cheesy sayings about baby birds testing their wings. However, there is some truth to them. When it’s time to fly the nest and get a real house you’ll want to consider us your mother bird, ready to jump in whenever the loan-flying gets rough.
  • you just have to get out of the city. Tired of the hustle and bustle, the honking horns, and incessantly loud people above you? We’ve got you covered. Let us take care of the dirty work. In the meantime, you sit back and relax, and start planning just what kind of house you want.
  • you want to buy a second house because of traveling for your job. Too often, many folks don’t realize how much stress can be cut down when you have a traveling job. One amazing idea: buy a house. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be a big house, unless you travel with your family. But a small house will cut down on overall hotel or food costs, and also make it easier for your family to come visit. We’d call that a win-win!
  • retirement is just around the corner. You’ve been counting down the years, months, days, and finally, the time is almost here. Relaxation is just around the corner. Or so you think. But what happens when you get kicked out of your rental, or they raise your rent? Don’t let it happen the stressful way! Not only will buying a house make your retirement more relaxing, but you can really make a house your own home. Somewhere that you’ll appreciate spending the rest of your life.

How we can help

  • Paying attention to you. Sometimes, there’s a slight level of detachment between an employee and a customer. Maybe they don’t listen to you well or shoot down your questions or ideas without consideration. That’s not how we work. At Brighton 1, it’s our goal to put the customer and their needs first.
  • Responsiveness. As we already mentioned, we strive to make our customers feel at ease. Subsequently, it’s extremely important to be quick and effective in our interaction. We’ll try to respond to you as soon as possible and stay on top of your needs. After all, it’s a big step. And understandably, you want to be comfortable.

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Let us be your first step

  • Pre-approval. Typically, if you’ve heard someone talk about being pre-approved before looking into buying a house, they know what they’re talking about. Being pre-approved for a loan can be extremely helpful so that you can identify and overcome any obstacles related to it, such as too much debt, or a low credit score. This will help you when you go to look at houses and will speed up the buying process when you decide on your new home.

We’ve got your back

When you’re finally ready to take the plunge and buy your house, we want to be your local and trusted company, for all your mortgage-related needs. In the meantime, head over to our website, and get pre-approved! And good luck in your house buying endeavors!